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Midnight On The Water - Open Position


This is a 60 minute Zoom workshop from 6-20-24. In this lesson we transpose both the "A" and "B" section to open D position. The open position provides an opportunity to embellish the melody with hammer-on and pull-offs and create beautiful textures combining open and bared notes. This is my go to position for my second solo and creating great contrast with the single string version. *One of my favorite tunes to play is Benny Thomasson's Midnight On The Water. It's a beautifully simple melody in the key of D. I've learned so much from playing this tune over the years. When I first learned it, I challenged myself to play the whole song on one string, and make it sound good! I learned a lot about bar control, and how to utilize the "in-between slides". In this series we will learn Midnight On The Water in multiple positions, spanning 3 octaves. I'll share my phrasing ideas from lyrical single string lines, to thick chordal phrase, and crisp hammer-on and pull-off triplets, giving you the the tools to play three unique versions of this gorgeous melody spanning the entire fretboard.

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