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Not only is Mike Witcher a top shelf player, he is a gifted teacher. He’ll analyze your playing and tailor the lesson to address the things you need to work on. The best teacher I have had the pleasure of working with.

Terry Harris, CA

Zoom Group Classes

About Zoom Group Classes

When inperson workshops and classes were cancelled in 2020, I decided to give online group classes a try. It turns out, attending a group class online is way better than inperson classes in many ways.  All of the students are muted so none has to compete to hear themselves, I use multiple cameras so you can see what I'm doing up close and from different angles, and the classes are recorded so you can review it at your own pace. Plus, you get to ask questions.


Don't worry if you can't attend the class live. You'll have access to the recording and any other materials after the live session ends.

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