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Bluegrass Dobro (GBDGBD) 1 class - $25 each Sunday September 24th 1:30pm-2pm Pacific About The Class *In this weeks class we're going to connect the 3 chord shapes we learned to move between the I and V chords. Are you stuck playing solos over the strait bar positions? Are you frustrated hunting and pecking for notes as you move across the fretboard? In this class we'll break the fretboard down into three basic chord shapes that can be used to play in every key across the fretboard. These shapes will give you the road map to playing melodies in any position and provide to the foundation for figuring out your favorite solos. We'll listen to examples of mow some of my favorite players use these shapes and go over fun ways to apply them to your practice. *Recordings of each class and TAB will be provided. You do not need to attend the sessions live to take this class. I'll send a link to download the recordings and TAB after each class. You can sign up after the scheduled date and I'll send you the recordings for any missed classes.

  • 1 hour
  • 25 US dollars
  • Zoom

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