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Cripple Creek

This lesson contains two arrangements of the classic Bluegrass/Old Time jam Cripple Creek. If you’ve gone through the Right Hand Technique Volume 1 video and want to learn how to apply simple rolls to a melody, this is a great place to start. In the first lesson, Cripple Creek Simple Melody, we will use the G Major Scale to find the notes in the melody, creating a basic structure for the song. The simple arrangement also utilizes the basic forward and backward roll patterns and hammer-on/pull-offs to enhance the melody. In the second arrangement, Cripple Creek With Rolls, we will learn how to use drone notes to fill in the gaps between the roll patterns. This will give the effect of a constant roll throughout the entire song. I hope that by learning the basic melody first, you will gain some insight into applying rolls to a melody to get the driving bluegrass sound.

Download Includes:

  • HD Video -Cripple Creek Simple Melody (1280×720) 10:41 Min
  • Mp3 of Cripple Creek Simple Melody Performance
  • Tablature PDF of Cripple Creek Simple Melody
  • HD Video -Cripple Creek With Rolls (1280×720) 15:51 Min
  • Mp3 of Cripple Creek With Rolls Performance Slow Tempo
  • Mp3 of Cripple Creek With Rolls Performance Medium Tempo
  • Tablature PDF Of Cripple Creek With Rolls
  • Mp3 Rhythm Track Slow Tempo

Cripple Creek

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